From camera rigs to characters,  particle systems to race cars; the desire to master motion is in our blood. We have a history of creating physics engines, vfx pipelines, vehicle systems, and optic and camera simulations for both video games and feature films.

This company was founded on a strong understanding of physics, animation, and dynamics in motion. The mathematics behind many of these problems can be complex, even daunting, but the love of and deep knowledge behind them prove a successful combination to producing results. The goal may not always to produce accurate models of reality, some efforts require the necessity of illusion and ability to make the audience believe the outcome, no mater how fictional. For all scenarios the utmost care in understanding of the mathematics, design, and goal is taken; and in the end, the science and art fuse to fulfill the vision.

This matters because in virtual cinematics it is often necessary to produce fluid motion for our rigs, camera heads, and lens transitions. By applying mechanical knowledge every shot will be controllable, realistic, and precise.


This company has a deep commitment to the artistic process and the people within it.  With an extensive background in the arts as well as technology, it is a primary goal to use both to the clients advantage. Our Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Habib Zargarpour, has been a major artistic force in the film and digital entertainment industries for decades. He is the winnner of two BAFTAs and has been nominated for two Academy Awards. The CEO, Wesley Potter, has a Masters in Fine Arts, a seasoned software developer, and has over two decades of experience in building artist workflows, and leading edge graphical systems. With this leadership our company drives the advancement of processes, and tools that can more than enable our clients to build award winning creations.


Decades of development experience has provided DMM with the development experience to deliver on every major plaform and tool chain.

When our team deploys on site or remotely we bring with us tools and technologies to boost the productions capabilities in virtual production.
  • Expozure, this is our virtual camera, rig, and shot technology. It has evolved over nearly a decade and across many major and independent films. The system provides features such as:
    • Rig simulations
    • Lens simulations
    • Real-time lighting manipulation
    • Real-time scene manipulation
    • Renders for editorial, dailies, art-department
    • Shot playback, recording, SMTPE timecode
    • Data export / import with DCCs such as Maya, Motionbuilder, et al
    • Runtime character and scene streaming from your DCC
    • Real-time broad communications to multiple Expozure, DCC instances
    • and much more…
  • Hermes, is the backbone of all network interactions. It has been designed carefully to take full advantage of the bandwidth of your network with frame level latency. It employs features and systems as:
    • User auto join
    • Multi channel communications
    • Native plugin for Unity
    • Native plugin for Motionbuilder
    • Native plugin for mobile VR/AR
    • and more…
  • Cyclopz is a DMM solution for AR using mobile devices such as the Pixel 2, iPhone, or Tango. This technology sits on the backbone of Hermes for its communication chain and expands it with two way communication so the user can view shot data, updates, and location information while streaming AR motion data to control Rigs in Expozure or other systems. Here is a small list of mobile devices supported by this engine:
    • iPhone 6s/Plus
    • iPhone 7/Plus
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8/Plus
    • iPhone X
    • iPad Pro
    • iPad 2017
    • Google Pixel
    • Google Pixel 2
    • Lenovo Tango
    • and beyond…
  • Logos is the logic engine that controls every interaction and workflow in our pipeline. It is a layered logic node engine that allows for quick updates and rapid development of features. It is designed to be updated even live, where requests can be made in shoots but there is little time to waste while on set.
Decades of development experience has provided DMM with the development experience to deliver on every major plaform and tool chain.  Proprietary systems are common in our industries and DMM has expertise in nearly every major software language used today so we can hit the ground running from day one.



Behind every set of tools are the languages that binds them together.  Here is a brief of the paradigms that DMM works in on a daily basis:

  • C / C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Php
  • SQL


  • Javascript
  • Java
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Actionscript
  • Lua

…and more


Because so many systems have so many varying deployment needs, DMM is also flexible in the general tools of the trade.  Here is a list of some of the most common environments and workflow aids:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio™
  • Sublime Text
  • Eclipse
  • VI / VIM
  • Linux CLI
  • Subversion
  • Perforce™
  • Git
  • Microsoft Foundation Server™
  • Microsoft DOS & Powershell™
  • Apache Server
  • Amazon Web Services™
  • Microsoft Azure™
  • Microsoft Sequel Server™
  • MySql

Real-Time Interaction

For decades the process of film making has become that of managing process. When dealing with productions that are partially or fully animated, everything from the lighting, to the set, to the camera itself has been relegated to the back rooms, losing the immediacy of the stage. Digital Monarch Media has one purpose, to bring these things back into the hands of the director. Our collective experience in media development from film to video games has given us a unique vision in the industry. We use this insight to focus on building workflows that make sense for the unique problems of each project, and tools that allow the creators the means of solving problems, successfully, rapidly, and in the moment.