From camera rigs to characters, particle systems to race cars; the desire to master motion is in our blood. We have a history of creating physics engines, vfx pipelines, vehicle systems, and optic and camera simulations for both video games and feature films.

This company was founded on a strong understanding of physics, animation, and dynamics in motion. The mathematics behind many of these problems can be complex, even daunting, but the love of and deep knowledge behind them prove a successful combination to producing results. The goal may not always to produce accurate models of reality, some efforts require the necessity of illusion and ability to make the audience believe the outcome, no mater how fictional. For all scenarios the utmost care in understanding of the mathematics, design, and goal is taken; and in the end, the science and art fuse to fulfill the vision.

This matters because in virtual cinematics it is often necessary to produce fluid motion for our rigs, camera heads, and lens transitions. By applying mechanical knowledge every shot will be controllable, realistic, and precise.