Digital Monarch Media Ltd, is not a technology organization. The goals of this group are not to advance backend technologies for repeated sale in the market. Instead, the ideology is based on the need of the industry, it’s studios, creatives, and films. We know that every production is different from the last, there are no two problems that are the same, and every creative visionary is forging their own path. We also know that we could not attempt to create or even design a toolset that could tackle the daily needs of film and TV in production on it’s own, even if we wanted to. So instead of becoming a software and tools driven team we became a people driven one.

We see film as the imprint of a dreamers mind. Film, TV, live performance and more are living productions, the actions of each step can and should change the decisions of yesterday. From this we approach the tasks necessary to bring this to fruition with a responsive agility while ensuring we bring the stable foundations of years of experience with us. We do this by removing obstacles, enabling communication, increasing fidelity, reducing waste, and ultimately building a trust between the producer and the process.

This organization, as a part of Unity Technologies, offers not only world class technology, tools, and foundations, but provides itself as a consultant to film, television, and other video production groups in order to configure the correct solution for your needs. We have developed a large suite of Component Technology Products over the years that allows us to rapidly deploy to sets, studios, and individuals with unique solutions for each environment. From on stage virtual solutions, VR, AR, synchronization, pre-vis, post-vis,  each component of our platform alters its purpose and helps solve any problem brought to bear.

Virtual Film Tools™

The VFT moniker encompasses all client facing technologies for either deployment or use by our team on set.



Expozure is a virtual cinematography simulation and environment built on Unity. It provides methods for filmmakers to capture virtual camera moves, create and deploy rigs, adjust and create lighting packages for scenes, as well as manipulate the set in realtime.

Component Solutions

The following are components that work in conjunction to Expozure to enhance workflows and provide new features.


A component that allows users to deploy mobile devices for virtual cameras in 3D space. It utilizes the mobile units AR system and cameras to track itself in a real world environment to deliver real-time data over the Hermes network.


Real-time server-less mesh network for synchronizing Hermes enabled systems. It allows, among other things, the synchronization of computers running Expozure along with information from Motion Capture stages and DCC tools.


Allows the upload and compilation of 3D scene data, such as characters or sets, to a cloud or network server in order to distribute to Expozure machines running in production offices or on set. Machines running Expozure may layer these data bundles in order to create the correct setup for each scene.


Allows the single or combined use of multiple input systems, from game controllers, to MIDI, to custom VCams created by clients. Devices are interpreted and read into Expozure to control rigs, UI, and other features.


Used by Expozure to determine run-time flow and features. It is a visual programming tool that allows clients the ability to extend Expozure or alter its functionality to meet the varied needs of each production.


Extends the Expozure UX with a Virtual Reality adapted work environment. It links to all contemporary VR systems and provides hooks for clients to modify or extend the workflows.


Used to synchronize Expozure with time-code from other devices such as rack mounted time controllers, or cameras. Expozure uses this information to ensure all input streams are running on the same clock and frame for consistent reproduction of state.


An advanced image processing tool that allows for visual synchronization of cameras, real-time streaming, and other processing features.