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Virtual Cinematography Platform

Where virtual Production is the flow from digital stage to digital art, Virtual Cinematography is the means by which this becomes filmmaking again. With decades of experience in cameras, VFX, physics, realtime systems, and artistic workflow, we have spent many years, working with many creatives to ensure we are doing the right thing. While in itself, Expozure is a complete tool, it is also a platform. It leaves itself open to change and is built on the idea that no two DPs or Directors are the same. We believe that your artistic flow is key to your success, so Expozure bends to you instead of forcing you to migrate your ideology to a foreign pipeline. Its run time simulates live action lighting, cameras, rigs, set manipulation, and capture, and does so allowing you to spread the responsibility across many people, just as you would on set. It has the ability to link to common industry tools such as Motionbuilder, Maya, Shotgun, and more. Its API is open so it can be merged with custom systems your studio or production may have. And above all, it is robust, because when you get the right take, nothing can stand in its way.


Production Ready Logic Graph

Because time is the last thing you have, we developed a design platform for tools that allows for dynamic changes to workflow, and pipelines; even in the middle of a shot. The entire user interface of Expozure is built on this backbone. It provides robust, real time analysis, debugging, and rewriting of state by any TD, scripter, or technical artist. Deep programming skills are not required to maintain, experiment with or advance your systems and this ensures they are your systems. Logos is built to iterate because in the creative process, that is all there is.


Production Network Environment

On and off stage, there is a increasing demand for real time continuity among multiple disciplines when using digital assets. Hermes is the latest generation of network technology designed specifically for migrating 3D model data and user interactions between workstations, the virtual camera, VHD, and the director; all in near zero latency. It allows the dp to be focused on the camera setups while lighting and other set pieces are controlled by grips in virtual space. Hermes was built with the needs of live action recording, where that one take that counts can’t be lost. Robustness, quick deployment, and live drop-in drop-out of users are just few of the features that makes this data stream unique and necessary for your next production.


Virtual Camera Operating System

When working in motion capture stages there is often a need for reviewing takes while on set, on a big screen, and increasingly in VR. Virtual cameras are constructed in many forms, from PVC pipe, to tablets. Our goal was to unify the experience of filming so that you, the filmmaker, are using familiar environments and tools each and every time you create. Cyclopz was developed with the goal of supporting everything from custom VC setups to each of the many pieces of consumer hardware that now support spatial recognition. You can use Cyclopz, Hermes, and Expozure together to work on a set with the full range of mocap actors or in your trailer on a laptop or on your phone. Cyclopz, one vision, immense power.



DMM serves as a contract engineering firm as well as software developer. Often teams require the use of independent contractors to supplement, or aid, as a strike team for specific ventures. This can take the form of working on site, or developing remotely. Having worked with many clients across the world, there are no limits to where this company is willing to help. DMM offers this as a core utility for teams that are in any phase of production.


A primary service of this company is to help design and deliver key systems, utilities, pipelines and workflows for the customer. This often means adapting foreign technologies as well as customizing new ones. In the end this leaves the team with a maintainable and understood product that they can carry on to future projects or even later market as their own.


Many times groups are in the position of choosing between various technical solutions but are not able to fully discover the details given time or people constraints. DMM with many years of experience in many different fields of software development can offer the necessary time and know how to dig in and find the pros and cons of any future decision you might make. In the end your company will have a clear understanding of how the desired systems work, why they should and should not be used, and their intended path of execution. This reduces risk and saves crucial time and production cost.


Acting as an Adviser to small or large productions, DMM can bring decades of unique knowledge and insight to your project. With a broad and deep experience in many different types of game and film production, there is no reason for your team to reinvent the wheel or spend precious time and money catching up to other areas of the industry. Your company can use DMM as a springboard to build the right teams and set off in the best direction for your endeavors, with our help you will always be one step ahead of the competition.