Today we live in a world of digital effects and animation where anything is possible. The fidelity and expanse of digital filmmaking is great but has come at a price. Our filmmakers have relegated the decisions and processes to the back rooms of post-production. While the efficiency is high and the results are often stunning, we no longer are seeing the hand of the director in the shots. These shots that should be iconized into our lives. Every subtle motion of the filmmakers hand becomes an experience which can be life changing, it is the language these artist’s speak with us. Our purpose is to work with these productions to build processes that fit with their creative process in a more natural and humble form. We are here to build tools that amplify the artistic expression, simplify the process of production, and aid in delivering the shows and films that will live with us forever.


Film & TV

Whether with live performances or in dailies, the software created by DMM can move your productions forward rapidly and with higher fidelity. Bringing decades of experience in dynamic simulations, animation control, and VFX; the skills and tools needed to advance your team into the next paradigm digital film making can be found here.
Not only is this company capable of handling your needs but was built on a great love for story telling. Having produced private and non-profit films to working on set with some of the major players in the industry, the core of DMM is in the heart of the creative process.
Having worked with directors, in pre-production with design teams, at the art directors side, and remotely with universities; this company has the breadth in experience and depth in knowledge to make your vision happen. There are no limits to what we can envision, just those that become imposed on us to make things happen. The job of this company is to remove those limits.

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